Self Care: Silly Season Edition


At VacancyMode we're all here for a self care moment. So we've decided to break down our top tips for getting through this silly season.  


1. SPF SPF SPF (Did we say SPF?):

Bronzed glowing skin is synonymous with the Aussie lifestyle however, Australian summers are notorious for their scorching days and killer heat. To prevent the burn this season we're keeping our SPF close. Here are our 3 sure fire ways to keep sun safe:

- When applying don't forget your lips and eyelids.

- Do not neglect the décolletage.

- Always reapply.


2. Get in those extra Zzzzz's:

This is the most perfect of times to catch up on much needed shut eye. Sleep has a huge effect on how you feel both mentally and physically. 
To ensure a blissful nights sleep here are some steps we take:

- Make your bedroom a distraction free sanctuary. Switch off the phone/laptop/TV. Light a candle or some palo santo and open a book.

- Indulge in some comfy linen and bedding. This pillow is an absolute game changer.   

- Lavender. The age old sleep remedy. Spritz some on your pillow just before you jump in. Et voila.


3. Rituals:

Been planning on implementing a bit of a self care routine? Well now is the perfect time. With longer days and more time away for the office start putting practice into place. Treat yourself to those skin care products that have been sitting in your wish list (we know they're there) and set up a game plan.

Check out our top picks at the bottom of the blog.


4. Be kind to yourself:

2020 has been a YEAR to say the LEAST. It has been tough on everyone so we're taking this holiday season as a chance to press pause, reset and check in with ourselves.

With limited travel you may find yourself missing loved ones, family, pets and home. Take this opportunity to read that book you haven't had time for, try out a new hobby or exercise class, call up a friend, buy yourself a bunch of flowers, meditate or just do nothing at all, throw on a bikini, dive in to the ocean and bask in the sun.


5. Keep it cleaner:

This silly season our drink of choice (if any) are any and all things natural, minimal intervention and biodynamic. Sustainable drinking habits are more important now than ever. I mean who doesn't love a cool orange wine as the sun goes down? We're loving what our friends over at notwasted have to offer.

Finally! Enjoy yourself! From the VacancyMode family to you we're wishing you all the best and all of the love always.
Written by Bella Cipolla